Stand number: U04

Spartis 32 & Fil. Eterias, GR-14 452 Metamorfosis
ATHENS (Greece)
Phone: +302106655860
Fax: +302102827217
Email: info@raymetrics.com
Website: http://www.raymetrics.com


Raymetrics is a manufacturer of aerosol LIDARs for atmospheric applications. With a background in LIDAR science and more than 13 years in operation, Raymetrics is one of the most trusted and experienced manufacturers in the industry. The company has installations all over the globe, including in North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia, and boasts a client list which includes many meteorological agencies from around the world.

Raymetrics now manufactures systems specifically for meteorological applications, including volcanic ash detection, dust/pollution monitoring, 3D smoke tracking, and remote water vapour (humidity) measurement. Come and see us on stand U04 to find out more!