Stand number: U01

Calle Alejandro Rodriguez, 22
28039 MADRID (Spain)
Phone: +34914505118
Fax: +34914594614


GEONICA, founded in 1974, designs, manufactures, installs and maintains Automatic Stations, Systems and Measuring Networks with Data Transmission and Alarms in Real or Delayed time, for Meteorology, Hydrology and Oceanography, as well as for Environmental Monitoring in general. Based on our own line of Automatic Data Acquisition and Transmission Stations, METEODATA/HYDRODATA Series, we provide complete solutions, systems and measuring networks, intended for different applications on several sectors such as: Meteorology, Hydrology, Water Management and Water Quality, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Coastal Oceanography, Ports, Tides and Waves, Road Safety, Railways, Airports, Civil Protection, Environmental Noise, Military applications, etc. During our 40 years in the market, we have carried out hundreds of projects around the World, always in the professional, scientific, industrial and military fields where the highest quality and the strictest technical specifications are required.