Stand number: G042

Rue de Charonne 172
75011 PARIS (France)
Phone: +33143487933
Fax: +33143486261


The company Cimel Electronique S.A.S is based in Paris as an independent company for more than 50 years. Cimel is specialized in designing and manufacturing breakthrough performing automatic weather stations and measurement instruments for meteorology and atmosphere sciences. As the forerunner designer of the first automatic weather station solar powered in Europe (1969), of the first automatic multiband photometer and of the MicroAmps® technologies, Cimel acquired a unique know-how and is committed to serve referenced partnership (NASA, Météo France, CNES...).The provided products are based on its exclusive technologies and on operational, cost-effective solutions fulfilling customers’ most demanding needs. Among the recent breakthrough products concerning remote sensing instruments, Cimel developped a compact cost effective aerosol LiDAR and a photometer for nighttime measurements. As well, a light digital climatological station is now available for fine mesh observation networks.