Stand number: G123

43 rue de Liège
75008 PARIS (France)
Phone: +33181870449

Email: rparmentier@leosphere.com
Website: http://www.leosphere.com


LEOSPHERE is a world leader in LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) atmospheric observations. This company develops, manufactures, sells and services new turnkey remote-sensing instruments.

•The WINDCUBE 400S-AT for wind shears detection up to 10km range in real time with automatic alerts generation for air traffic controllers
•The long range WINDCUBE 100s/200S/400S enhanced with optional clouds/aerosols detection capability
•The WINDCUBE LIDAR wind profilers. It is a powerful instrument for meteorological agencies and atmospheric research institutes since it provides high-resolution data on extreme weather events (e.g. hurricanes, cyclones, etc.).