Stand number: G083

Rue de Versailles 48
91400 ORSAY (France)
Phone: +33164463410
Fax: +33164462522
Email: contact@pulsonic.net
Website: http://www.pulsonic.net


For over 30 years, PULSONIC has developed and manufactured a wide range of meteorological equipment such as Automatic Weather Stations, weather sensors, Synoptic Weather Stations, Airport Weather Measurement Systems, Software, Live Airport Weather Displays… Our main fields of business are: prevention of the natural risks, environmental and public safety, agriculture, meteorology, climatology … Through the years PULSONIC has developed strong know-how in development of local meteorological networks (Automatic Weather Stations connected to a central data concentrator). Many Pulsonic AWS and wind sensors are used by the French Meteorological Office (Météo-France). State of the art development, test equipment and software are used every day by PULSONIC Research and Development Department to design the sensors of the future. PULSONIC product’s range includes Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) and meteorological sensors.