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83390 CUERS (France)
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DEGREANE HORIZON is recognized as one of the world's leading manufacturers for Met measurement and engineering. The Company focuses on providing Civil Aviation, Met Services, Met and Research institutes with the sensing technologies and integrated systems solutions they need to carry out their missions.
Main field of business:
Airport Weather Observing System (AWOS)
Wind Profiler Radar
Automatic Weather Station
Wind sensor
Visibility Sensors (Transmissometer, FSS, Present Weather)
Height of cloud sensor
Ground State Sensor
CAOBS Chrome suite software for data acquisition, METAR/SYNOP coding and display

ASECNA selected New AWOS to equip more than 25 airports in Africa. This new generation AWOS intends to match with Airport needs for maintenance easiness, data availability, integration of complex systems such as Wind Profilers… AWOS is definitely orientated toward latest Web technologies, integrating robust Ethernet based protocol for data transfer and remote maintenance.