Stand number: G108

Via di Porto 2/b
Phone: +39055720442
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Email: info@eldes.it
Website: http://www.eldes.it


ELDES s.r.l. was founded in Florence in 1993 to provide hardware design services and software development in the field of automation and remote control; in particular ELDES is specialized in Radar systems.
The previous experience of its founders gave ELDES strong capabilities in the areas of digital signal processing applied to radar systems, both for meteorology and defence. Extensive domestic and international cooperation, thrusted the rapid growth of ELDES. ELDES is particularly active in the weather radar market, in supplying products and OEM components to some of the biggest radar manufacturers worldwide. ELDES offers technological upgrades and on-site maintenance for existing weather radar installations in the fields agro/hydro-meteorology and environmental protection.
The innovative X Band compact weather radars WR-10X and WR-25XP, designed and manufactured by ELDES, are sold directly to both private and governmental customers for a variety of different applications.