Stand number: G091

Impasse Pédenau 5
31860 PINS-JUSTARET (France)
Phone: +33562117878
Fax: +33562117878


STERELA is an engineering and services company mastering a complex set of technologies to provide its customers with electronic and mechatronic systems for dat acquisition, processing, transmission and management; all with the associated services of installation and maintenance in operational condition.

STERELA is able to complete all stages of the I+D engineering process, from the idea to the industrialization
and exploitation :
• Definition of specific ations
• Design, study, development, CE qual ification and climatic test
• Industrialization, document management
• Production and Logis tics
• Commissioning, Training
• After-sales ser vice, technical support
• Maintenance in oper ational conditions

STERELA is involved in several research projects and collaborative development groups in France and
Europe. These projects aim to meet current societal and technical issues with original and innovative solutions.