Stand number: G086

1146 South 7500 West
84404 OGDEN, UTAH (United States)
Phone: +18015601435

Email: info@tempusglobaldata.com


Tempus is an earth and atmospheric observation data company, deploying a constellation of six hyperspectral atmospheric sounders flying in geo-synchronus orbit.
Like a CAT scan of the atmosphere, we can measure uncondensed water vapor in clear skies, temperature, pressure and time to create three and four-dimensional views of atmospheric conditions that affect life on the planet.
The technology has three significant advantages:
-Persistence. Flying in geo-stationary orbit, we persistently monitor the atmosphere, enabling timely detection of everything from small variances to fast moving severe weather events.
-Clarity. Our technology produces atmospheric soundings encompassing infrared and visible spectrums of light. These big data sets will provide new levels of insight that have never been available.
-Accuracy. Non-linear, big data sets will provide actionable intelligence to help decision making on earth.