Stand number: G071

Roermonder Strasse 151
52072 AACHEN (Germany)
Phone: +49241889110
Fax: +49241889119


GAMIC is a leading company in the meteorological radar market since 1988.
GAMIC is selling the ENIGMA IV Weather Radar Signal Processors in great numbers worldwide to weather services and radar partners. ENIGMA IV-DPOL represents the de-facto-standard in signal processing on the market.
Since 2013 GAMIC sells the low cost X-Band Radar system GMWR-25 Doppler radar for stationary, transportable and mobile applications, also available in DPOL configuration.
ATC Radar Doppler Weather Extractors are deployed to German, Swiss and Canadian Air Force sites in cooperation with AIRBUS Space and Defence.
The GAMIC software suite FROG-MURAN, Version 4, now has more than 50 weather processing algorithms, including Hydrometeor classification, DPOL rainfall attenuation correction, detection, NOWCASTING and real-time warnings. Specific weather phenomena detection algorithms like for MICROBURST, GUST FRONT, Severe Storm are available.