Stand number: G061

Grindelstrasse 6
8303 BASSERSDORF (Switzerland)
Phone: +41448381305
Fax: +41448381464


Since 1965, ROTRONIC has been offering solutions for measuring the parameters of humidity and temperature. In order to offer our customers maximum precision and flexibility, we are continuously enhancing our product range; so we have recently added CO2-, differential pressure and low dew point measurement to our portfolio.
The humidity sensors in the hygrometer series, developed by ROTRONIC, are the clear choice whenever reliable and repeatable humidity measurement is critical.
ROTRONIC offers a range of temperature and humidity probes and weather shields (naturally and force ventilated) for meteorological applications, additionally a temperature and humidity generator for calibrations.
Besides meteorology typical applications for our products include the food and pharmaceutical industries, print and paper, dryers, and many other advanced industrial applications. The ROTRONIC portfolio ranges from hand-held meters, measurement transmitters and laboratory solutions to dataloggers.