Stand number: G030

Rue de Bessonville
77760 URY (France)
Phone: +33160747460
Fax: +33160747419


As a front leading manufacturer of GPS radio sounding systems and related radiosondes, MODEM is a key actor in upper-air observations worldwide providing highly reliable and cost-effective systems operated by more than 60 different National Meteorological Services, military and research organizations throughout the world from 40 different countries.

Thanks to the quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness of its innovative products, MODEM is a fast growing company, expanding each year with new markets and customers worldwide.

During Meteohydex 2015, we’ll be pleased to present our latest developments, such as our Automatic balloon launcher, the LOAC, the PilotSonde system and last but not least the brand-new Cloud Doppler Radar (BASTA)….