Stand number: G021

Pri Vinohradoch 326
83106 BRATISLAVA (Slovakia)
Phone: +421905602171



MPS system, Ltd was established in 1992. Main topic is to develop and produce new sensors and systems oriented to meteorology, hydrology and environments. Unique and simple constructions of sensors were impulse for other producers to make a copy and produce as their own products. We are able to prepare TurKey projects for different customers with application software to collect and process data.
One of our key product is weighing precipitation sensors TRwS (Total Rain weighing Sensor) with different orifice and range. 200,400 and 500 cm2 and with range of precipitation 350….1550mm.
Sensors like as Sunshine duration, Rain Quantity Analyser, Digital meteo probe, Ultrasonic snow height sensor, air and grass temperature are equipped with serial protocols RS485, SDI12 and measured data are calibrated and reading is direct in physical values.
GPRS Datalogger MPS08 is small, low power consumption and run with OS LINUX .
For this year we are preparing new developments.