Stand number: G003

Rue Scheurer Kestner, 35
42000 SAINT-ETIENNE (France)
Phone: +33477922001
Fax: +33477747109


For more than 85 years, SAGIM is specialized in manufacturing units for hydrogen production via electrolytic and chemical processes for the radio soundings of National and International Meteorological services.
We have supplied and installed more than 250 electrolytic hydrogen generators and 5000 chemical equipments through over the world. Our equipments are known for their strength and reliability and their very easy use.

SAGIM also provides high technical level trainings for a good knowing of hydrogen and international standards for a safety use of this gas. These services are tailored to the needs of each customers.

All our services, beginning from the order, going through the commissioning of our installations on Customer’s site as well as the development stage, production, installation and after-sales service are classified ISO 9001 Ed: 2008 quality certified.